Dead Or Alive

Shorter and less sweet than ever before!

This episode we talk Disney’s Frozen, Dallas Buyers Club, and the remake of Robocop. We also talk about Robocop in our new spoilery segment after the show.

For homework we have How to Survive a Plague, Cars 2 and the episode of 21 Jump St. where Johnny has to protect a kid with AIDS from bullying. Apparently it’s great! If you can find it. I couldn’t.

And we say a fond farewell to Philip Seymour Hoffman. We’d rather say a fond hello, but we’re all out of options here.

Take off your hat and bow your head with the Shoot The Glass podcast.

Objects Like Women

Because this episode is so late I’ll keep it short and sweet!

Well, I’ll keep it short.

In this installment of Shoot the Glass we talk about the Stallone-De Niro match-up Grudge Match, Keanu vehicle 47 Ronin, Scorcese’s Wolf of Wall Street, David O. Russell’s American Hustle and Spike Jonze’s Her. And after the usual spoiler-free podcast we go on to talk about Her with no concern for spoilers. That’s a bit of an experiment, we hope you like it!

For homework, Pete has classic doco Hoop Dreams, I have Jane Espenson’s excellent blog, and we give a quick shout-out to the Scriptnotes podcast.

So join Pete and Justin in the boiler room and remember that the good leads are for closers on the Shoot The Glass podcast!