Beaten to the Punch

This week we talk about feelgood film Begin Again and the latest Elmore Leonard adaptation Life of Crime, which is incidentally a prequel to Tarantino’s Jackie Brown.

Speaking of Jackie Brown, I finally saw the light and realised that it’s an absolute cracker of a film. I’ve always thought of it as a bit of a misfire and Pete has always loved it, but now I see that I was wrong and he was so right: every moment of Jackie Brown is a joy. So that’s our first film for homework, along with Soderbergh’s excellent Out of Sight and Blake Edwards’ Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

But mostly the homework is Jackie Brown! Which is awesome! I really can’t overstate how awesome it is.

So come snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie — hey, how about Jackie Brown? — with Pete and Justin on the Shoot the Glass podcast!

Increasingly Poor Decisions

This week we talk about the latest young adult novel adaptation The Giver and found-footage disaster picture Into the Storm. Along the way Pete gets worked up enough to pull out the stops and fix the ailing found-footage genre… so that’s worth the price of admission right there!

For homework we have Jan de Bont’s Twister, the granddaddy of indie found-footage blockbusters The Blair Witch Project, and classic of the genre Man Bites Dog.

So buckle up, brace for impact and whatever you do stay in the tank — we really can’t stress that last point enough, stay in the tank! — with Pete and Justin on the Shoot The Glass podcast!

Lost Boys

This week we talk about the exceedingly titled The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, the inevitable sequel The Expendables 3, and the vampire comedy What We Do in the Shadows. Which, by the way, we really can’t praise highly enough.

For homework we have Woody Allen’s Zelig, classic Dracula pic Nosferatu, and a colourful take on the making of Nosferatu in Shadow of the Vampire. Oh, and A Trip to the Moon, which is not only awesome but will only take about fifteen minutes of your time.

So keep away from sunny days and pointy wooden things with Pete and Justin on the Shoot the Glass podcast!