Treading Water

This week we talk SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge Out of Water, Liam Neeson actioner Run All Night, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (not starring Tina Fey), doco series The Jinx, and Blomkamp’s latest sci-fi flick Chappie, even though neither of us saw it.

I also introduce a Shit Game of the Week that is, quite frankly, a tragedy of bad hostmanship. That’s a word, right? Hostmanship? Anyway.

A valuable lesson was learned.

So strap on your floaties and come flounder in the ocean with Pete and Justin on the Shoot The Glass Podcast!

Not Every Dog

This week we talk the 2015 Oscars and then examine a film the Academy cruelly snubbed: Jupiter Ascending.

For homework there’s Flash Gordon. We had some other films too but we didn’t really mean them…

So put on your fanciest frock or sharpest suit and come gawk at them beautiful people on the red carpet with Pete and Justin on the Shoot The Glass podcast!