Not Every Dog

This week we talk the 2015 Oscars and then examine a film the Academy cruelly snubbed: Jupiter Ascending.

For homework there’s Flash Gordon. We had some other films too but we didn’t really mean them…

So put on your fanciest frock or sharpest suit and come gawk at them beautiful people on the red carpet with Pete and Justin on the Shoot The Glass podcast!


Cats of New York

This has taken forever to edit so I’ll keep this short and… well, short. Sorry for the delay, dear listeners! And sorry to my dear co-host Mister Peter Wells!

In this episode we talk about the Academy Awards, TV shows True Detective and Community, documentary The Armstrong Lie, and recent films 300: Rise of an Empire, Winter’s Tale, and Vampire Academy.

We wrap up with the Coens’ latest Inside Llewyn Davis and then talk about it more in our spoilery segment after the show along with a very brief discussion of the 300 sequel because you probably won’t see it and you probably don’t care about being spoiled. Surprise! Dudes with muscles have swords. Yeah.

For homework we have Nick Cave and John Hillcoat’s classic Ghosts… of the Civil Dead and, in honour of the late Harold Ramis, the Brendan Fraser-Elizabeth Hurley vehicle Bedazzled.

So come strum a steel-string and sing a three-part with Pete and Justin on the Shoot the Glass Podcast!


Glass? Who Gives A Sh*t About Glass?

We do! And in this episode of Shoot The Glass we talk in depth about the action flick to end all action flicks, the film that catapulted Bruce Willis to the A-list and launched a thousand terrible Alan Rickman impressions, John McTiernan’s 1988 masterpiece Die Hard. We go through the film in more or less chronological order and attempt to tease out, moment-by-moment, what makes Die Hard so good.

As it turns out there are a lot of things that make it so good, and we decide that maybe we should just go back and watch it again, so much do we love it… along with our Bill Collins picks of the week: McTiernan’s other good films Predator and The Hunt for Red October, and two films that share some of Die Hard’s action aesthetic, The Bourne Identity and Mission Impossible III.

There’s an awful lot of genius in Die Hard, and two geeks talking about it for an hour or so isn’t going to do full justice to all of the clever and inspired decisions that the film makes, so don’t feel aggrieved if we’ve left out your favourite bit. The music, for example. It’s got great music but we don’t really get to discuss it. And Jan De Bont‘s cinematography could probably occupy a whole podcast itself… we can’t cover everything, or we’d be recording for a week! But we do give the film a lot of love, and hopefully we find a bit of insight along the way.

We also say a fond farewell to the great James Gandolfini, who unexpectedly passed this week.

So jump in the limo with Pete and Justin and we’ll hit the minibar on the way to Nakatomi Plaza in the latest episode of Shoot the Glass!